Isle of Wild is the product of creative director and founder Zinnia Golding’s lifelong love affair with luscious prints and vibrant colour.
Named after the exotic Mexican flower, Zinnia was always destined for a colourful and creative career.
Raised in the Otways, in rural Victoria wth her bohemian mother and fellow artist father. She spent her early years joyously immersed in a world of nature, travel, art and all things whimsical.
With her adventurous parents, young Zinnia regularly travelled across the seas to India, Thailand, Indonesia and beyond, where the traditional patterns, fabrics and colours of such exotic destinations soaked into her soul and would inform her sense of style and intense love of print, for years to come.
Zinnia still travels from time to time but takes most of her inspiration from fellow artists and the natural wonder of Mother Nature in East Gippsland, Victoria, where she now resides with her partner and babies.